More than ever, Black women and mothers need kinship, empathy, and support, regardless of age, background, shape, or beliefs. Akina exists as a social hub to provide all these things and so much more. We’re not a database; we’re a community allowing Black mothers, Aunties, bonus moms, and other caregivers to connect both online and off. 

About Us

Community has always played a vital role in raising children, especially in communities of color. Black mothers and women face unique challenges, such as lack of access to healthcare, mental health resources, cultural isolation, childcare expenses, and the struggle to maintain ethnic identity.


Akina was birthed out of the need to create a safe space for Black moms to connect. We are one village serving multiple communities. There are so many people, groups, and organizations doing great work to support Black women and mothers; we bring them together and multiply their reach. Every single voice makes our community stronger, wiser, and better equipped to be the village for the children we love.


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It takes a village, so let’s be that village.

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